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Nickel bath window: 6000 x 300 x 1000 mm
Nickel bath window: 6000 x 300 x 1000 mm

Half bright nickel

(MARK 90)

The half bright nickel bath results in half bright, sulphur-free nickel plating with columned structure (support layer)

Main use:

Double nickel process / Duplex nickel process

The nickel coats are ductile, offer a very good levelling and comply with high requirements including the corrosion protection.

High gloss nickel


The high gloss nickel bath results in high-gloss finished, light gloss nickel coats with an excellent bright depth spread, an outstanding levelling already with less nickel plating, a high ductility, good ability to be chrome-plated, easy bathing without any problems.
Flat nickel separation with minimum levelling
High gloss nickel separation with high levelling made of nickel high efficiency electrolytes (SLOTONIK 50)