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Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Guarantee of the refinement quality

The customer's satisfaction comes first

WIOTEC is a modern, customer-orientated family enterprise which strives to fulfil the customer's requirements and to achieve the customer's satisfaction by innovative products and services.

In our company the following principles are valid:

§ The most important objective of our action is the satisfaction of our customers.

§ We measure the quality of our products and services according to the benefit for the customer, to costs and dates.

§ The most important resource to reach our company's objectives are our employees.

That is why we oblige:
  • To promote the qualification, motivation and attitude by information, instruction, education and training according to the highest requirements to achieve the necessary awareness of quality and costs at all employees.
  • To judge the abilities, the commitment and the personal attitude of the employees and to maintain them on the highest possible level.

§ The executive management plans the management system with the objective to increase its effectiveness permanently. That is why we periodically establish objectives which can be measured and the realization of which is observed. On the one hand, these objectives refer to the company's development, the quality management system and its development; on the other hand they refer to the products / services and their improvement.

§ Periodically, the results are assessed by planned internal audits and on the occasion of the realization of the management reviews. From the results, new objectives are deducted and given to the executive team.
The demands in the field of the production of galvanized products and the satisfaction of the customers require that quality policy in a modern, future-orientated enterprise must be a firm component of business policy.

To realize that it is necessary to coordinate all activities according to quality assurance, to establish them clearly and to orientate the actions to established principles. In our company, the base for the documentation of process-orientated quality management are the norm DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2009-11.

Download Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
Download Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2009-11