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A thermal process for separating various substances that are soluble in each other within a liquid mixture. The boiling points of the components to be separated are relatively close to each other.

Distillation has become best known in the production of spirits (distilling and concentrating alcohol). First, the initial mixture is brought to a boil. This produces steam, which is composed of the various components of the solution to be separated and is condensed in a condenser, e.g. the "Liebig cooler".

The liquid condensate is then collected. The different composition of the gaseous vapour and the boiling liquid creates the separating effect.

In the case of multi-stage distillation, such as in the production of crude oil in a refinery, the process is referred to as rectification. In both processes, the vapour is enriched with light boilers by diffusion, while the cooled vapour (weaker concentrated liquid) flows back into the sump of the distillation or rectification column as so-called heavy boilers.

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