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Service Condition Scale

Decorative, functional and galvanic corrosion protection with copper, nickel, chrome, zinc, tin or precious metal are proven coating systems that meet the varying designations of the service condition scale.

The purchaser utilizes the varying designations to determine the degree of protection based on the conditions to which a product is to be subjected.

Classification of the service conditions in five designations according to DIN EN ISO 1456:

1. Mild Service indoors, warm and dry atmosphere (e.g. offices)

2. Moderate Service indoors, with condensation occurring (e.g. kitchen, bathroom)

3. Severe Service outdoors, occasional or frequent humidification by rain or dew (e.g. outdoor furniture: bicycles, clinical articles)

4. Very severe Service outdoors in very severe conditions (e.g. automobile components, boat fittings)

5. Exceptionally severe Service outdoors, exceptionally severe conditions where long-time protection of more than about 10 years is required (e.g. offshore installations)

The classification of the service condition designations is agreed between the purchaser and the coater. Accordingly, the overall process is then determined in order to meet these requirements.

Surface technology Stress levels - surface finishing and surface technology at WIOTEC

Any questions? We’ll gladly assist you ...

Any questions?
We’ll gladly assist you ...

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