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Through our modern electroplating plant's refining processes, your products are protected against corrosion, have significantly higher abrasion resistance and a longer life, have better sliding properties, are harder, stronger and more durable, more conductive and solderable, can be subjected to greater stress, or simply have a better and higher quality appearance. 

For an optimal surface, mechanical preparation is just as important as chemical pretreatment. In order to achieve the desired optical, haptic and functional properties, the metal surfaces must be absolutely free of grease and oxide, as this is the only way to ensure adhesion.

The cleaning and activation processes must be precisely matched to the nature of the surface and the degree of contamination of the respective base material.

Electroplating - surface finishing and surface technology at WIOTEC

Any questions? We’ll gladly assist you ...

Any questions?
We’ll gladly assist you ...

WIOTEC® Ense GmbH & Co. KG
Auf den Geeren 9-11
59469 Ense-Höingen, Germany

WIOTEC® Arnsberg GmbH & Co. KG
Wagenbergstraße 55
59759 Arnsberg, Germany

+49 2938 97833-0
+49 2938 97833-20

From metal to precious metal
The company WIOTEC® is your specialist for surface finishing and metalworking. In our electroplating shop, which is managed according to the latest environmental standards, we are capable of finishing both small parts and long parts of up to six meters. This makes us one of the leading and most efficient decorative surface coaters in Europe.

Our most important resource is our employees - with their commitment, competence and experience. Together with them, we work out and develop individual and tailor-made solutions for our customers. From detailed consultation and planning to purchasing, mechanical and chemical pre-treatment, professional electroplating and supplementary services - WIOTEC®'s range of services leaves nothing to be desired.



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