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Clear and understandable arrangement of the elements according to increasing atomic number in periods and groups. The periods are arranged horizontally, the groups vertically. Both the physical and chemical properties of the individual elements vary in a systematic way. Within a group they have properties that are very similar, while within a given period they can behave chemically extremely differently.

Main group: it consists of the alkali metals sodium, lithium, potassium, francium, rubidium and cesium. Hydrogen is not included.
Main group: with the alkaline earth metals calcium, magnesium, beryllium, barium, radium and strontium.
Main group: the aluminum-boron group.
Main group: carbon-silicon group
Main group: nitrogen-phosphorus group
Main group: it contains chalcogens (term formed from Greek for ore formers), sulfur, oxygen, tellurium, selenium, polonium.
Main group: with the halogens chlorine, fluorine, iodine and bromine.
Main group: it consists of the noble gases argon, krypton, neon, helium, radon and xenon.

The group of transition elements is still missing. It includes actinides, lanthanides and all metals summarized in the subgroups.

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Any questions?
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